Jay Gatsby and the American Dream Essay example

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America has been a land of dreams from its beginning. People immigrate to start a new life and reinvent themselves, but even the hardest working individuals have been mistreated. There’s so much to discover and to strive for. The American Dream is a concept that appreciates the struggles of those who live in America, and it’s something we’d all like to believe exists. Because, it’s so desirable, tales are often told about people who live a greater life after moving to America. Some like to think that Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby exemplifies a man who achieves the American Dream. While Jay Gatsby seems to be a great representative of the successful American Dream, his life truly shows the failure of the American Dream.
The American Dream
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Daisy is his American Dream, not affluence. She is extremely charming and tempting, just as wealth is. Her voice, like a “deathless song” (96), is enough to lure anyone in, and her voice “full of money” (120) is all the money he needs, except, of course, the money he needs to buy her love. With a likeness to an inventor, Gatsby reinvents himself with a new life story, name and social class. He is an extremely strong candidate for success. Full of energy and life, he is always moving and shows American resourcefulness (64). Even from a young age, he has goals and improves himself in order to obtain “all that America has to offer” (Mangum 514), meeting Daisy simply gives him something to focus his energy on. He is so focused that he does not have time to give in to the frivolities that most people enjoy, like drinking, smoking, or swimming in his own pool. With his strong resolve, commitment, and will, the impossible becomes possible (Berman 133). He becomes not only extraordinarily wealthy, but also a superior gentleman, despite his background. His manners and chivalry surpass anyone else in New York, even those from old money (131). In the sense of becoming rich from poor birth, the American Dream is a success for Gatsby. Through hard work and determination, he gains charisma and more money than anyone could need. Hard work and determination are, after all, the only things you need to

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