Japan's Reaction to a Rising China Essay examples

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A highly controversial topic in International Relations has been: why are Sino-Japanese relations so controversial and how does this affect Japan’s reaction to a rising China. Relations have been highly controversial because of the security, the economics and the history issues. These issues shape Japan’s foreign policy and there are many arguments regarding how Japan is reacting. For example, some argue that Japan fears China’s growing strength and increasingly assertive foreign policy and as a result Japan has responded by strengthening alliances with the United States and other maritime powers. On the other hand, many also argue that Japan has been remilitarizing to defend its own interests. I argue that Japan is remilitarizing and …show more content…
For example, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan was very close to giving in to Japanese Ministry of Defense pressure to overturn the Three Principles Ban on Weapons Export, established in 1967 as a self-imposed moratorium on defense exports (Hemmings, 2011).
My argument is that Japan needs to do both; remilitarize and form alliances with countries that are also worried about China’s rising power. It must remilitarize in order to continue having an alliance with the US and it needs an alliance with the US in order to grow its economy and stop China from becoming the hegemonic power in East Asia. Furthermore, cooperation between Japan and other countries such as the US is important to maintain stability in the region. However, Japan must simultaneously attempt to stand on its own two feet and defend its own interests, in order to avoid losing allies.
This paper has four parts. First, I will introduce the historical background of the Sino-Japanese relations and gave a brief overview of each state’s current standing. Then, I will discuss the security issues occurring between both countries and the rising problem of a security dilemma. Furthermore, presenting the Hegemonic Stability Theory; declining power, Japan, versus challenger, China. Third, I talk about the effect each state has on the others economy. For example, the simultaneous rise of China’s economy and declination of Japan’s has created tension between the two

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