Jackie Robinson: The Man that Changed Baseball Essay

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Here comes Jackie Robinson, dashing towards home base going as fast as he can. The dirt is flying up behind him. Bam! He slides into home plate, with a cloud of dirt and the catcher around him. Here comes the umpire, and he screams safe. The crowd goes wild cheering for him. This is what Brooklyn Dodger fans were used to hearing whenever Jackie Robinson was on base. Sadly though, that is not the only thing that he would be hearing. On a daily basis not just at the field but anywhere Jackie would go he would hear the sounds of what present people now a days call haters. Jackie knew that if he were to show any sort of weakness, that what he was doing would be all for nothing. By doing what he has done, Jackie was able to change sports …show more content…
Throughout the 1940’s this is just what everybody would be used to seeing and it would just be astonishing to see a black man doing anything that would be known as a white dominant thing to do. For some of the people during this time if you were not white they you would be considered a second class citizen to everyone else. Every African-American would never be able to do what they would want to do. If you wanted to do something that a white man might want to do that stinks because you would be arrested or maybe at extreme times African-Americans could be killed.
Now during this time baseball was not the only segregated sport in America. The National Football League now abbreviated as the NFL, along with the National Basketball Association known as the NBA also had their own separate leagues for African Americans. Some of the most popular African American leagues where the “Kansas City Monarchs, the Homestead Grays of Pittsburgh and Washington D.C., the Baltimore Elite Giants, and the New York Cubans” (History). These teams also had very talented players on them, that all had a shot on maybe getting chosen to move on to Major League Baseball, just like Jackie Robinson. Some of the greatest players played on these African American league teams. Some of the positions and names are “pitcher Leroy "Satchel" Paige, catcher Josh Gibson, and

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