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“It’s Time to Think about Visors” by Ken Dryden 1. Sir Francis Bacon’s quote “Knowledge is Power” relates strongly to this essay. Before any of these injuries happened, the players did not really know of the consequences for not wearing a visor. After hearing of many stories like Berards, they started to realize that the choice of not wearing a visor could result in career ending injuries. The more knowledge they gained about these consequences, the more power and control they have over their

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Wearing a visor makes players less aggressive and allows them to focus on the game more than taking things out on each other. If players wear visors, there will likely be less fighting because they do not want to start throwing punches at each other and end up hitting their visor. All of the players would be seen as equal and no one would be picked out as a potential target to fight for not having protection on their face.
If professional hockey players are required to wear visors, it sets a good example for younger players who look up to them. When players are no longer required to wear a cage, part of their decision on what to wear is based on what their favourite player or role model wears. If they see a professional not wearing a visor it will influence them to not wear one as well, or if they do see them wearing a visor they will most likely want to wear one too. This will prevent injuries from happening to new players that could result in the end their career.
Wearing a visor can prevent most injuries not only to your eyes but your whole face as well. Anything that is coming in contact with a player’s eyes, whether it be a stick, puck or even a skate, will be stopped by the visor. This will protect the player from serious injury that could end their career. Visors can protect your face too. If you get hit hard into the
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