Italian Unification Essay

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Italian Unification

The Internet definition of Risorgimento is the “Italian unification or Risorgimento is a political and social process that brought to the unification of the Italian peninsula into a single nation, between 19th and the beginning of 20th century”

During the early years, secret societies, such as the Carbonari, appeared and carried on revolutionary activities.

The Italians shared a common and language and history due to the Roman Empire and many Italians still had memories of the ancient unity and glory which they once enjoyed. There were also nationalistic and liberal feelings which rose when Napoleon unified Italy under his rule.


This was one of the
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Garibaldi- wished to see all of Italy united as quickly as possible by revolutionary means using the Red Shirts.

Victor Emmanuel- wanted to see Italy united under Sardinia

Mazzini- wanted to see a united Italy using Reform and secret societies (Carbonari) and nationalist movements (Young Italy)

Gisuseppe Mazzini (1805 – 1872)

Mazzini was born in 1805 in Genoa and he was a very intelligent and sensitive person who was physically frail. Later on he suffered from great depressions. He believed in individual liberty and national liberation. He once said “I love my country for I love all countries”. He believed that all Europeans should be equal and fraternal and live within their natural boundaries. He turned his thoughts to politics when he was 16 because he witnessed how, after the revolution in Piedmont in 1821, he saw the penniless revolutionaries on their way to exile, begging in the streets. He was shocked by their distress but at the same time impressed by their devotion to a political cause.

After getting bored while studying law, he joined the Carbonari (a secret that society which in translation means coal burners) in 1827 and soon became secretary of the group in Genoa. He got distressed with their vagueness of their aims and ambitions and in November 1830 was betrayed by one of his friends. He was sent to prison for

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