It is Time to Raise Teachers Salaries Essay

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It is Time to Raise Teachers Salaries


Offer me enough money, and I will do almost anything.  Why?  Because I

can exchange money for goods and services, and I want goods and



My willingness to ``do things'' for money can be explained by the

fundamental economics principle of supply and demand: without much

exception, an increase in demand for a good or service increases the

price of that good and service, and an increase in supply of a good or

service decreases the price of that good or service.  In other words,

given a large free market economy and a lot of dough, you can

accomplish almost anything.  Hence, if my ``goods'' or ``services''

are in high enough demand (the
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If able teaching yields prosperity, then raising teachers salaries

would {em buy} prosperity.  So what's the problem--why don't we send

those pay checks out ASAP?  Well, the money (isn't that always the

problem?).  Who is going to foot the bill for higher salaries?


The federal government currently funds only 6% of public school

budgets.  We could take $20 billion away from the federal defense

budget (currently $288 billion) and put it into the federal education

budget (currently $6 billion), directly into teacher salaries.


Of course, there is always the question of why should the federal

government spend money on local education?  After all, public schools

are currently funded about half state funds and half by local funds.

However, such budgeting creates widespread education disparities in

school districts--schools in poorer districts and states receive less

funding (and thus less able teachers) than more affluent districts and

states.  Poorer children receive worse educations and, in turn, get

worse jobs, widening

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