Islam and Modern Politics Essay

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Islam Islam is the religion of Muslims. The word “Islam” is from an Arabic origin. Its textual meaning is submission. Islam is identified as the religion of peace. Within the meaning of the word Islam, the connotation ‘to surrender’ is an entire and sincere yielding to God. The sincere surrendering or submission aims to achieve peace and serenity in the Muslim life. Islam is an omnipotence belief (an all powerful God). Like Islam, every religion basically is the concept of God and Power each in a slightly different way. Moreover, it is considered as a divinity and human existences is stamped by practices in our world.
Many scholars highlight that the religion itself is a category of human actions with specific identity. This identity
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Basically there are no special criteria which can differentiate religion Islam and politics. Islam as a code of life is based on triangle of oneness of God, Prophet Hood and Vicegerency. Vicegerency, which is the importance of the existence of mankind on this earth: According to Islamic beliefs, man is the vicegerent of God, he is a representative on Earth. The order of politics in Islam rests upon principals of vicegerency while the western democracy has the concept of popular sovereignty. The people are considered sovereign in western democracy but in Islam, top sovereign is God while caliphs and people are His followers. It is contradictory that political aspect of West relies on laws made by people and they themselves are abiding subjects. The political aspect of Islam relies on the laws made by God and His people are abiding subjects. In nut shell, the western democracy is authoritative in creating and applying political factors while Islamic politics is based on supremacy of nature and sublime power of God.

In today’s world, Islam and Islamic states are a question mark on the world of politics. Western politics are broadly competing against Islamic politics. Many of the world’s wide factors are affecting on the world of politics and Islam has become a soaring issue in the contemporary situations. The case of First World War, Ottoman Empire and Russian Revolution were political issues of twentieth century which

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