Is There Such a Thing as a Global Cinema Industry? Essays

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National cultures are transformed by globalization in latter-day tendency through different agencies of the media, such as internet, broadcasting, and television industry, which have a possibility to tighten the connections among most of the countries and their citizens. As the global culture spread in a rapid speed, multinational corporations are created over national border, such as coca Coca-Cola, Nike and other well-known brands in the world. Globalization also influences cinema industry, which makes cinema more widely available and become a globalized access to understand the world. The emergence of Hollywood indicates cinema industry develops into international level, via new technologies, such as CD, videotape and digital media, …show more content…
Firstly, Hollywood studios have achieved the control of film production, distribution and exhibition. It manipulated the whole process of film industry, which from making films to show them in cinemas, to reduce the budget and get greater profit. This phenomenon helped the formation of vertical integration. In addition, as the number of multinational and cooperation companies increasing gradually, it is easy for them to reduce costs of the level of distribution through DVD, the internet and other kinds of technology, which would possibly enhance profit and export cheaply. Secondly, vertical integration supports to produce large scale of films, including successful and unsuccessful ones. In fact, Hollywood’s successful film could cover the costs of unsuccessful ones, such as Titanic (1997) and the series of Harry Potter (2001–present). Blockbuster formula is another element that makes Hollywood take over not only the domestic market but also the global market. According to Thompson and Bordwell (2002), the star system was established by American cinema industry, which was a start for those famous stars and talented directors moving to America. For example, Korda and Goldcrest moved from the UK to the US. In sum, Hollywood system took Americanization into international cinema and even assimilated viewers into American culture by influencing their attitudes and lifestyles.

Even though Hollywood’s successful could be hardly

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