Essay on Is Democracy America's Responsibility?

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Was it America’s responsibility to spread democracy abroad?
The atomic bomb was a scientific marvel with immense atomic power, which catapulted the world into a conflict between ‘good’ and ‘evil’. In his announcement of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Harry Truman stated, “What has been done is the greatest achievement of organized science in history” ("Harry Truman: Hiroshima atomic bomb announcement (1945)." ). The atomic bomb was necessary in multiple ways to quickly end the war, which spared America from dealing with numerous diverse predicaments, but the consequences of the atomic bomb were evident throughout many future generations. The Cold War was a result of several events, but the root of the problem was the difference in the
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Because the United States spent an enormous portion of the government’s much-needed money on military buildup, it was not America’s responsibility to spread democratic ideals abroad. After Ronald Reagan took office, the policy of détene ended, because he wanted to create a strong military front for America, which no country like the Soviet Union would threaten (). During Ronald Reagan’s office terms, the government military spending increased by 119%, because he devoted 1.5 trillion dollar to the advancement of the military ("Background Essay."). This money was spent on inventing high tech military weapons that rivaled Soviet Unions; this new weaponry, which is still used today, opened the doors to an advanced war era. The Strategic Defense Initiative was a defense system that incorporated satellites to protect America from intercontinental missile attacks. With his system, Reagan wanted to draw the Soviets into an arms race, which would weaken their already delicate economy ("Background Essay."). As a result of this extremely necessary money used on the military in the United States, deficit spending on the military significantly increased the national debt in the 80s; The national debt reached 3 trillion dollars ("Ronald Reagan."). This increase has doomed future generations of Americans, because this exponential increase in debt will force future Americans to deal with the economic problems that would arise with the

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