Is Classical Management Theory Outdated and Obsolete? Essay

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Management and leadership are two separate ideas. Management is planning, organising, leading and controlling an organisation (Meyer et al., 2007). Leadership is a process in which a leader influences others to set and achieve goals (Allen et al., 2013). There are several theories that imply that leadership is a quality that cannot be taught, whereas managing can be (Ackoff, 2005). Classical management theory is focused around improving efficiency while visionary leadership is more focused on empowering workers. Visionary leadership and classical management theory both aim to motivate and inspire workers; however, the intentions and outcomes are different. One theory is not better than the other especially since most of the time the two …show more content…
Taylorism is relevant for mass production, gives job opportunities for uneducated people and increases productivity. There are several different theories that are based on Taylor’s method such as Fordism; this includes division of labour and assembly/production lines that is meant to make workers more efficient (Amin, 2003). Ford believed that workers should be paid higher wages, so they could afford to buy the products they make. After introducing the assembly line to his company, he realised that workers worked too hard for little reward; so he began doubling wages in 1914 and fought for wages to be higher (Raff, 1987). The scientific approach is not outdated or obsolete for some companies. It can be applied to most large companies; however, this theory would be inefficient in some smaller firms. When mass production is needed and when companies are very large the scientific theory can be used to make the company run more effectively (Khurana, 2009). In smaller businesses that do not need to mass produce the theory is not as relevant. Smaller businesses would work together more closely and would need to decentralise in order to give employees more responsibilities (Boddy, 2011). When a business is just starting out the scientific theory is not as appropriate as it would be in a larger business. The scientific theory is not outdated for certain industries and companies; however, this theory cannot be

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