Is Abortion Murder? Essay

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Many people believe that morals or ethics should not have any persuasion at all in our laws. Do you believe that slavery is immoral? Is the issue of slavery a moral position? Is the legislation on that moral position appropriate? Then what you have most likely said is that it is appropriate to legislate moral issues that you are in favor of. Should slavery be enforced purely as a moral issue? This is an important point because many people say that we should not force a particular morality on the issue of abortion. Slavery was brought up because it involves human rights, as abortion does also. The question is whether an unborn child is a human being that has the same inalienable rights that a black human being has. This stems the question, …show more content…
Some, like Stephen Currie claim that “A newborn feels pain; this is apparent by simple observation. Until the very end of pregnancy, however, essentially no evidence exists that a fetus can feel pain.” (Currie, 2000) Yet, they react to touch as early as 8 weeks, and moves on its own in the 6th week. There are those born without the ability to feel pain at all, are they not considered human? Hank Hanegraaf has this to say about the killing of an unborn, “Abortion involves killing because the zygote, which fulfills the criteria needed to establish the existence of biological life (including metabolism, development, the ability to react to stimuli, and cell reproduction), is indeed terminated. The living baby in the mother’s womb is a human being because he or she is the product of human parents and has a totally distinct human genetic code. This truth that abortion terminates the life of a human being is substantiated by science.” (Practical Apologetics, Hanegraaff)
Pro-abortionists say that having an abortion is liberating for a woman, the chance to exercise her right to choice. What choice or say does the child have? They also label those who do not want a child mangled and torn apart and killed and sucked out a mother’s womb as extremists, or religious fanatics. They attack those who choose life by saying “For those who believe that the so-called pro-life have occupied the high moral ground in the debate on abortion, I say,

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