Ireland Essay

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The capital of Ireland is Dublin. Their flag is divided into three equal parts of green, white, and orange. Their population is 4,109,086 (July 2007 est.). The official languages of Ireland are English and Irish, also known as Irish Gaelic. %100 of the population speak English with about %80 speaking Gaelic. Ireland is a republic, parliamentary democracy. They received their independence from the UK on December 6th, 1921. Ireland is an island which lies west of Britain across the Irish Sea in the Northe Atlantic Ocean. Ireland is 27,136 square miles with a varied landscape. Since the island's landscape is mostly covered in a beautiful green grass it is nicknames the Emerald Isle. The west coast of Ireland is rocky with rugged …show more content…
The largest lakes are Lough Neagh and Lough Ree. The roads in Ireland are narrow and lined on both sides by stone walls. Ireland has a mild climate and is green all year round due to lots of rainfall. However, the mountain regions do experience harsh winters. The weather averages about 40 degrees Fahrenheit in January and 60 degrees Fahrenheit in July. Eighty percent of land in Ireland is given over to agriculture. Their agriculture is divided into three main types: grazing, dairying, and arable. The major agricultural products include: turnips, barley, potatoes, sugar beets, wheat, beef and dairy products. The major industries of Ireland include: Food products, brewing, textiles, clothing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machinery, transportation equipment, glass and crystal, and software. Industry has become a very important factor of Irish economy today. Ireland joined in launching the Euro currency system in 1999 along with 10 other EU nations. One Euro is worth about $1.29 American currency. Ireland is a country where religion and religious practice have always been held in high esteem. Most of the population are Christians with most of the population being Roman Catholic. According to official government statistics (2002 census) the religious affiliation of the population is %88.4 Roman Catholic, %2.9 Church of Ireland (Anglican), %.52 Presbyterian, %.25 Methodist, %.49 Muslim, and less than % .1 Jewish. Approximately 4 percent

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