Essay on Inupiat of Alaska

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The Inupiat, like other Arctic peoples,are mainly hunter gathers. Only men are hunters among the Inupiat. What they hunt depends on where they are located. The Nunamiut, who live inland, hunt caribou, grizzly bears, moose, and dall sheep, while the Tareumiut , the coastal people, hunt walrus, seals, whales, and in rare instances polar bears; however both groups are dependant on geese, ducks, rabbits and berries. Traditionally hunters traveled in dog sleds or canoes from place to place and used spears, harpoons, and bows as weapons Hunting is the single most important duty of any Inupiat man because of the scarcity of any other resources. It is the most reliable way to get subsistence in the environment in which the Inupiat live and thus a …show more content…
Bones were used to craft new weapons and carved for art and ceremonial pieces, the pelts were used to make clothing and other goods, the flesh was consumed, the fat burned for light and heat and the innards used for waterproofing.

Hunting for today’s Inupiat is different but no less important. Today’s Inupiat have access to modern technologies such as guns, snowmobiles, power boats, synthetic materials for clothing, binoculars, and communication technology. Though modern technology has also allowed for modern grocery stores to pop up in settled communities its is very cost prohibitive to the Inupiat to shop there and thus hunting and gathering is still the primary subsistence pattern among the Inupiat peoples. Even though hunting is notably easier for the Inpiat of today due to all this new modern technology there are new challenges that they must contend with such as climate change and federal hunting regulations. Climate change has shortened the hunting season by pushing back the winter freeze and pushing up the summer thaw. This increases the danger to hunters as it makes it easier for the ice for ice to break and makes navigating that the ice of the arctic tundra that much more treacherous. Many Inupiat also still use an “ice cellar,” a cavern of ice dug out for cold storage, a near their homes to keep their foodstuffs preserved through the winter months and the increase in temperature can cause food to go bad quicker or a cave in to occur causing them to

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