Introduction of Technology into Education Essay

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The introduction of technology into education has revolutionized the teaching quality and learning outcome in the last ten years. The integration of technology into lectures by teachers in classroom has become so natural that both teachers and learners consider computers and their related applications for instruction are “a routine component of the classroom and educational processes in general” (Nuldén, 1999 cited in Buzzard et al., 2011, pp.131-139).
Whether technological integration has positive or negative impacts on teaching and learning has been paid increasing attention and a numerous research has done to explore the issue. Regarding the issue, the question of if training teachers in the use of technology in classrooms contributes
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132) states that there is a relationship between technology using in the classroom with “student learning, involvement, and enjoyment” and “that interactive technology had positive outcomes in all three areas” (Buzzard et al (2011, p. 132). Those findings, based on empirical research, have proved that technology undeniably has a tremendous impact on improving students’ performance at schools. Serving from as “a vehicle for enriched curriculum resources, authentic learning context” to “a powerful communication tool” (Reiser, 2001, cited in Li and Ni, 2011, p. 69-85), instructional technology has innovated learning activities. Such importance and efficiency of technology makes teachers face a challenge of preparing their students to it. Undoubtedly, if students are instructed with the assistance of technology by technology-well trained teachers, their academic outcomes will be improved as a result of good attitudes, enthusiastic efforts and engagement in learning.

The second reason that substantiates the contribution of training teachers in the use of technology to students’ improved outcomes stems from the role of teachers in technological classroom. In today’s student-centered classrooms, teachers still play a central part in utilizing, facilitating students to make use of technology for students’ learning. According to Batane (2004) “teachers play a key role in students’ learning and there is no way they can stay ignorant of changes that are taking place

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