Internet Usage Among Different Gender of IIUM Students Essay

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In the world of education especially among the students at the level of higher learning institutions, the use of Internet as a medium of gaining information is being concerned. Oxford dictionaries perceived the word of Internet as: “A global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.” Internet comes in useful if the students can use it for a particular purpose or in a particular situation. The usefulness of internet is perceived as high since it gives bundles of information and this technology is can be found free of charge or being charge cheaper than the others methods. However, the usefulness of internet tends to …show more content…
Therefore, there is no doubt that the existence of internet has changed and dominated the life of the biosphere community in all aspect of life. Apart of functioning as a tool of transacting business and communication without any barriers of distance, the internet, its usefulness seems to manifest greatly in the academic spheres. Nowadays, lecturers and students use the internet for academic purposes and social media. Even though most of undergraduate students might be agreed that internet give positive outcomes such as academic tools and rich with useful information, the fact remains that the usage of internet also can bring negative consequences to the user for example internet addiction and misuse the fact such as cheating. Against this backdrop, the researchers wish to establish the specific study to know the effects of the internet usage among undergraduate students and how they perceive the usefulness of the internet based on gender differences.
In this study, the researchers offered two research questions that stated as below:
1. What are the effects of internet usage towards male and female of IIUM students?
2. What are the perceptions of IIUM students toward the importance of internet usage?
Based on the research question raised previously, this study systematically and scientifically further used two objectives that become the foundations of this study.
1. To

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