Internet - Communication Networks in the New Economy Essay

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Communication Networks in the New Economy


The new economy is about communication and its fundamental aspect in culture and society. The new economy is a basic distinction between information technology today and with that of our ancestors use of information technology. "Advances in technology have permanently improved the economy's efficiency and productivity. Faster computers and new software enable everyone to access information quickly and cheaply, cutting costs and improving worker productivity" (Scherer 2002). The new economy is more than a generation of new technologies. It is particularly new in communication networks and computer information. Before the new economy of the internet and high speed computers, the
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Computers take on a great task of going through transition states from one generation to the next. Transitions take several years to improve technology, but still the demand is high for products in that generation. Going about twenty years back and tracing the development of computers and their effect on economy, has stemmed many changes and simpler functions. Tracing back to the 1970's, this was the generation of the microprocessors. This was the introduction of the Intel 4004 chip which located all components of the computer (Webopedia 2002). This computer was programmed to meet a number of demands. In the mid seventies this product was devoted to get to consumers in the general society. By the early eighties a lot of small home computers were available before the introduction of IBM personal computers. This was the standard for personal computers, and changed the concept from a host computer to a work station capable for office and home use (Webopedia 2002). To join into IBM Pc's was the competition of the Apple Macintosh in 1984. This was an operating system that allowed users to move screen items instead of typing (Jones ). This generation also brought about the development of the mouse and hand held devices.

As time passed on, more and more homes invested in computers, which were smaller, more powerful and inexpensive. Today in this new economy,

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