Essay on Internet Advertising for Cellular Phones

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Internet advertising is one of the most popular methods of sales today. Advertising on the net has become so popular that some people have ad blockers or better known as pop up blockers installed on their computers to prevent them. Although these ads maybe annoying they still have an imperative purpose. The ad is advertising a free Motorola phone from verizon. There is no publication date and the fact that you must sign a contract makes this ad less creditable. Cell phones are an innovative trend today. You do not have to be on the web long before an ad pops up proclaiming that you have won a new cell phone. That is right a new cell phone, in fact the razor that every one craves for. The fist thing that snags the readers attention is the …show more content…
The sleek look of the phone looks like something out of the Matrix, taking a closer look your eyes are drawn to the smiling girl on the colorful LCD screen. With all these attention grabbers the advertiser has caught the readers eye before they know it. Advertisers use multiple methods of getting their message across. Ethos, pathos, and logos are the main three, and the most obvious used for this ad is pathos. With the number of cell phone users increasing everyday there is no wonder why people are out trying to keep up with the latest trends in phones. This is where pathos becomes a key player. The offer is available only online. The bold grey letters reading, “Hurry while supplies last” gives you a sense of excitement encouraging you to stake your claim before it is too late. Taking it a step further, they are portentous that this phone will make you apart of the crowd. Just like the verizon commercial by getting this phone you will be “in”, meaning that you are part the multitude. Ethos is also staged in the advertisement. Although there are no written figures, they are suggested. The word free says plenty. For some people that is all the figures they need to see to be con into hidden fees. If you take a closer look at the ad you will see that everything is not as it seems. No one is just going to give you a free phone without asking anything

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