International Trade Essay

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For any country that wants to survive in the toughest of times nowadays have to have good international trading capabilities. Very few countries are able to sustain themselves without indulging in intensive international trade. International trade and globalization have been considered a good omen in the past but with changing world conditions such as the debt crisis, child labor issues, growth inequality issues hands are being raised at the benefits of world/international trading. There have been anti-globalization forces over the years protesting to either slow down or stop globalization. Such forces have gained steam over the years because of the criticism surrounding world trade.
National Sovereignty:
It has been argued over the
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Panama has benefited a lot from international trade and hence been able to establish a stable economy. Also as a byproduct of international Panama has been able to establish a Free Zone and benefited a lot from it. As far as high current spending is concerned in comparison to future investing, it is important to note that with more consumption, the consumers become more prone to work harder and deliver better as workers so that they can satisfy their consumption behavior. This makes the workers more efficient and hence the economy becomes more efficient.
Bigger countries are bashed for having influence of smaller countries but it can be taken in positive way. For example E.U just stopped its trade benefit to Sri Lanka because it was not doing well in human rights department. This is a good way to stop repression, unjust behavior by countries which are reliant on other countries for trade.
Depleting natural resources:
The general criticism against international trade is a criticism against growth. As it is argued that with increased production the natural resources are being depleted more quickly and environmental despoliation is taking place. Also it is said that economic output is not discounted with future output.
With international trade more energy efficient products are being made and shared with each other because of the trade implications. This will actually mean less depletion of natural resources in the longer run. This also brings more uniform

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