International Organization For Standardization: ISO 9000 Essay

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ISO 9000
International Organization For Standardization (ISO) was established in 1947 which involves 157 countries in order to coordinate and unify various industrial standards. Prior to the establishment of the ISO, there are 2 main independent organization that had similar objectives as the ISO, that are National Standardizing Association (ISA) and also United Nation Standards Coordinating Committee (UNSCC). ISA and UNSCC are both established in 1926 and 1944 respectively. Unfortunately, both were not achieved worldwide acceptance. ISO is not product standard but a Quality System Standard. ISO was then formed and adopted majority of the rules and procedures from ISA. ISO has published a lot of international standards in many fields and
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It plays a major role and very important in managing a company by which the discipline imposed by its standard can enhance a company's quality consistency. Implementing those disciplines will result in greater achievement in both quality and also efficiency. ISO 9000 is a term, or a series of standard which a set of ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 9003 and also ISO 9004. All those five cover the quality of design, management and also assurance. They also cover risk, cost and also benefits. They can be divided into two types of standard according to their role and function that are guidance and also conformance. Guidance standard are ISO 9000 and also ISO 9004 and they are just a descriptive documents and not a prescriptive document while the other three are conformance standards which are prescriptive document. Thus, companies must be registered to one of out of the three conformance standards instead of guidance standards. Many research show companies that have effectively implemented the ISO 9000 and Total Quality Management concepts have dramatically increased their profitability and loyal customer.
For implementation of ISO 9000, there are at least 14 crucial steps. It is starting from top management commitment on implementing ISO 9000 in organization, establishing implementation team or management representative for coordination to the plan, start ISO 9000 awareness where training program is structured, conduct survey to

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