Essay about Integrating Technology into County High School

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Integrating Technology into County High School Over the past few years' schools have been integrating technology into the classroom through new methods, ideas, grants, and personal experience. Not only has it enriched the learning experience as a whole but also it has proven to be effective in motivating and influencing students desires to learn not only in the classroom but outside as well. Through things such as state and federal funding it is possible to make some of these seemingly impossible technological advances come to a small town such as ours. Students from around the country who have already been awarded the privileges of being awarded technology grants said it helped them in five ways. These five ways were that the devices …show more content…
(Granville 2) in some cases to avoid a maybe lost or stolen computers students still always have the option to bring in their own but will be liable to bring them to school every day. Cost is always an issue so through private companies such as Golden LEAF it is possible to give every kid their piece of technology. (Granville2) Through school monitored wi-fi this should not be a problem for any device that comes into the school. Yes, some schools have misused taking laptops by hacking school networks, exchanging answers to test, and accessing forbidden cites, to and from school but this is mainly because of misguided students. (Hu 3) Even after five years of use Virginia laptops were not eliminated because of them being worn down and needing repairs. (Hu 3) As some schools are complaining that it is hard to tie the laptops into the lesson plans it is all about how you utilize your resources and encourage your teaching staff to formulate lessons around them. (Hu 3) To jump-start our 21st century learning journey it is vital that every student has access to a computer around the clock. In addition to the laptops it is imperative that higher earning AP classes have access to a classroom set of iPads. A $150,000 iPad initiative grant replaced AP biology and history text books in eleven schools in the state of California. (Hu 4) This is a great way to eliminate the cost of textbooks and extend the reaches of AP class knowledge. With the iPads being $750 a piece right now

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