Integrated Planning Matrix Essay

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The town of Griffith, set in the New South Wales Riverina district, is a rural farming community, but is also seen as a cosmopolitan mecca thanks to the many Italian families who have immigrated and opened fine restaurants and clothing boutiques. There is a high population of Indian as well as South Pacific Islander (Fijian, Tongan and Samoan) migrants, and also a large percentage of Indigenous Australians from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent. This cultural diversity is reflected through the 600 students enrolled at Murrumbidgee State School from Kindergarten to Year 6, and this Integrated Planning Matrix has been formulated for Year 4, which has a total of 106 students divided into four classes. Murrumbidgee State School …show more content…
With this in mind, the five integrated lessons in this Matrix have a highly cultural theme that aims at promoting knowledge, acceptance and understanding of all cultures at the same time as teaching other key learning areas.

The ideal of an integrated curriculum is to extend learning across numerous key learning areas so knowledge and skills are a synthesis of relevant information that can be later used and applied in real-life contexts (Brady & Kennedy, 2010; Marsh, 2010). The foundation of this lies in incorporating learning in key areas within a central theme. This thematic structure enables students to learn content from the requisite key learning areas determined in the Australian Curriculum and in the syllabus documents ascertained through the different Australian states and territories in contexts and situations outside of the traditional stand-alone subjects that are taught in schools.

This technique bridges the divide between a school-based curriculum and a curriculum that provides students with the skills and knowledge that they require to be competent and able citizens in the world outside the classroom (Brady & Kennedy, 2010). The central theme can be anything that takes the interest of the teacher or students and as cultural awareness is not a typical subject that gets taught in schools students can be deficient in their understanding and acceptance of cultural diversities. This integrated planning matrix focuses on addressing

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