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1. (a) Why was the requirement of an insurance mandate for all citizens so important that it was supported by the Heritage Foundation a right wing conservative think tank, former Speaker of the House and presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, former Senate Majority Leader and presidential candidate Bob Dole and former Governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney who made it a provision of the Massachusetts health care law? The requirement of an insurance mandate for all citizens was so important to conservatives “because it called for individual responsibility to address what economists call the "free-rider effect”” ( This keeps individuals who become injured from being …show more content…
Finally, health care reform has been an ongoing issue that politicians use as a campaigning tool. Volkomer discloses in the textbook that in the 2008 presidential campaign, President Obama had emphasized his goal of reform to the nation’s health care system so that it would be both affordable and would cover all Americans. When Obama got into office, this idea became legislation, and then became law two years ago, and is still undergoing scrutiny in regards to the individual mandate. We are required by law to carry insurance for our assets like our homes and vehicles, and even fined when proof of insurance is not provided. The individual mandate works the same way, and still comes back to the fact that an individual mandate is important to carry out the full intention of health care reform. (b) Why will a cost shift for medical insurance take place without a mandate? Without a mandate in place, a cost shift for medical insurance will take place. The mandate helps control the costs by requiring an obtainment of health care coverage, and prevents people from being able to purchase temporary policies. If a person becomes injured, but does not have insurance this would allow them to purchase coverage on their way to get treatment, and just as easily cancel coverage as soon as they are done using it. Reports show that “premiums for individuals who don't get

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