Informatics Nursing Essay

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Informatics nursing combines information technology and nursing science in an effort to process patient-related data and assist in making important medical decisions. Informatics nurses monitor large amounts of electronic medical documentation using computer equipment and hand-held devices. These specialty nurses evaluate the overall usefulness of their information technology systems to retrieve data as quickly and accurately as possible.
Informatics nursing mainly retrieves patient information in one electronic format and then manipulates or sends it to another nursing department. Other daily tasks in the informatics nursing world include: applying the nursing process to electronic data to assure patients receive optimal healthcare.
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Prospective informatics nurses must obtain a general degree in nursing and then apply for the certification to work in this field. Informatics nurses must complete computer science courses. Employers desire candidate with postgraduate degrees centered on computerized healthcare data analysis, system project management, and health information and technology integration.
Nursing informatics education programs has grown slowly over time. For instance, many nursing schools offered information technology classes during the 1970s; however, the healthcare field did not focus on nursing computer skills until the 1980s. Nursing informatics developed into a primary nursing education path during the late 1990s. These nursing specialists continue to redefine the field of informatics nursing.
Prospective informatics nurses have a long educational road ahead of them. Most informatics nurses will need to enroll in a traditional LPN program and then bridge into an RN program after completion of the NCLEX-PN exam. Beginning nursing students enrolled into online nursing programs should inquire about the clinical requirements needed to complete the accredited nursing programs at the institution. Online LPN programs and online RN programs may not offer the necessary hands-on training that a nursing graduate would receive at traditional nursing schools. This may present problems

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