Influence of Romanticism in America Essay examples

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Originating in Europe in the late 18th century, the Romanticism Era characterized an interest in nature and emphasized the individuals emotion and imagination. The sudden change in attitudes formed an age of classicism and rebellion against established social rules and conventions. Praising imagination over reason, emotions over logic and intuition over science, this made way for a vast body of literature of great sensibility and passion. The variety of this impressive romanticism literature can be focused on by specific authors, works of literature, and how romanticism influenced their writing.
Percy Bysshe Shelley was an open-minded writer full of eagerness to envision new means for human expression. He is one of the most famed poets of
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Inciting a nation to arise against the policy of aristocracy was his ultimate purpose. Shelley inspired many with his courage and fortitude for freedom.
In late June 1820, Percy Bysshe Shelley published To a Skylark. It was inspired by an evening walk in the country near Livorno, Italy, with his wife Mary Shelley, and describes the appearance and song of a skylark they come upon. Mary Shelley described the event that inspired Shelley to write this poem, "In the Spring we spent a week or two near Leghorn, It was on a beautiful summer evening while wandering among the lanes whose myrtle hedges were the bowers of the fire-flies, that we heard the caroling of the skylark.” What accounts for the happiness of the song of the skylark? It is free from all that gives pain to man. It knows what lies beyond death and has no fear. Even if man freed himself from hate, pride, and fear, man's joy would not equal the skylark's. The secret of its capacity to sing so happily would be an incomparable gift for the poet.
Samuel Palmer was a British landscape painter, etcher and paint maker. He was a key figure in Romanticism throughout Britain, producing a variation of visionary pastoral paintings. From the early 1860’s he gained much reputation for his later landscapes, which had a touch of early Shoreham work about them, most notable being the etching of The Lonely Tower in 1879. In 1854, Palmer became a full member of the water color society where he made

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