Influence of Patriarchy in A Doll’s House is a play written by Henrik Ibsen

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A Doll’s House is a play written by Henrik Ibsen. Set in the late eighteen hundreds, the play depicts a well off family living in Norway. As the play begins the reader meets Nora, a childish young women who loves to spend money and make sure everyone knows it. Her husband Torvald appears from his study and instantly one sees the type of relationship that the two share. Torvald speaks to Nora in such a way that gives the impression that he does see her as anything more than his trophy wife. Throughout the play the absence of a father plays a huge role in the development of events that take place in the play. Particularly, Nora, who is scrutinized for not having a respectable father figure in her developmental years. Nora’s actions are a …show more content…
The conversation continues and Torvald makes more comments towards Nora. “What do we call those little birds that fly through their money?” “[…] Spendthrifts are sweet, but they spend and awful lot of money. You have no idea what it costs a man to feed theses little birds” (Ibsen 335). Torvald believes that Nora spends too much money and that she doesn’t understand how the flow of money works. He informs her on the good that comes with saving their money and spending wisely. Through in-depth research many articles have been written on this very topic. Henrik Ibsen was very advanced in his language as a playwright. Translations of his works have been made through several different languages. Akerholt describes, “That point is that the words are as ambiguous as Torvald’s attitude towards Nora. He is proud of his doll-wife, […] he even puts her on a pedestal for […] her womanly qualities, at the same time as he reproaches her for them.” (Akerholt online). The dialect in this play is specifically picked for a reason. The little words that Torvalds uses are there to demean Nora and her actions as a woman. He doesn’t think that she has the maturity to think for herself and make important decisions regarding the family. Torvald is exercising his authority over Nora by using these names to put her in her place and make her do what he wants. Continuing with the Torvald and Nora’s

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