Influence of Design Trends in Modern Design Essay

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“An art movement is a tendency or style in art with a specific common philosophy or goal, followed by a group of artists during a restricted period of time, or, at least, with the heyday of the movement defined within usually a number of years.”
This essay outlines and defines three specifically chosen design trends that have been most influential in today’s modern designs. First of all the use of art movements in society are extremely under acknowledged and recognised.
"Design is like gravity - the force that holds it all together." - E A Whitney The subject of ‘art movement’ is not to be mistaken for as diminutive with similar to shallow value, but quite the opposite as it can and has depicted images from our very own
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This certain detail attracts a certain emotion, which differentiates and defines each art movement (creates uniqueness/ individualism). The emotion is the main importance of the movement as it incorporates and divides the current mood of the period, which varies from good or bad to life or death and everything in-between. The movement known as cubism was the direct reaction to the changing world, largely regarding the unprecedented motion of the ever-advancing ‘technology’ during the 1900s. “During this period inventions such as photography, cinematography, sound recording, the telephone, the motor car and the airplane heralded the dawn of a new age.” This Quote distinguishes the exact description of the purpose behind cubism as it depicts the trend evolving due to “the dawn of a new age”. In response, the movement inspired the use of shape, detail and oblique structure to enhance a new appearance. Cubism was created by the combined creativity of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braques, as they both found a coincidental attraction to the “later paintings of Paul Cézanne.” Cubism is evidently influential amongst modern designs as its mostly seen used commercially but is not rarely seen theoretically and stylistically. This trend is seen variously through inspired artists, interior and architectural designs. It is one of the most recognised and appreciated movements from

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