Infectious Disease Epidemics Essay

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Throughout human history disease has been linked to many facets of life and even the rise and fall of entire civilizations. Biological, social, political and economic forces have all influenced how the outbreak of disease is handled. Epidemics have altered history in how they have developed and the impact that they have had. In turn, epidemic management has been influenced by history and governments as humans have learned to cope with outbreaks and the social and political implications that result from them. Today, biomedical engineers, politicians, historians and social scientists are leading the battle in an attempt to understand and combat infectious diseases. This report will explore epidemic management and its historical …show more content…
Garnet and Holmes have come to the conclusion that “emerging diseases have been broadly defined as those that have ‘recently increased’ their incidence and appear likely to ‘continue increasing." In preparation for an impending epidemic situation, an effective disease management plan must be employed.
In order to implement an ideal epidemic management plan, numerous disciplines must cooperate to create sound policies. Biologists must understand the cellular processes by which diseases do harm and epidemiologists the way in which diseases spread. Potential cures and preventative measures must be researched by scientists and sociologists and their funding examined by economists. Ultimately, however, it is the responsibility of political and medical leaders to use the integrated data to decide upon the epidemic management policies that will be further researched and implemented. It is also up to policy makers to utilize the rising technologies in conflict resolution and exchanges. By looking at the historical implications of disease control and outbreak it is effortless to ascertain the cycles and precursors of infectious outbreaks as well as the public policies and strategies that have or have not worked in the past. By utilizing emerging technologies and sharing them with developing countries the Western world can hope to decrease conflict, and increase overall goodwill.
Recent research points out

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