Inclusive Education in Australia Essay

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The implementation of policy and legislation related to inclusive education, thus being a focus on the diversity and difference in our society (Ashman & Elkins, 2009), would have vast implications on the way society views that which is different to the accepted “norm”. The education system and the peer group within the school system are important socialisation agents in an individual’s life. Children from an early age absorb the values, attitudes and beliefs of the society in which they participate (Ashman & Elkins, 2009).

Slee (2001) argues that inclusive schooling demands schools to recognise all types of difference from disabilities, ethnicity, gender, class and sexuality. Furthermore, he challenges schools to accept
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It is due to these policies and processes that many expectations have been placed upon schools, teachers and their practices to meet the standards and adjust curriculum to meet the diverse learning needs within our classrooms.
Mungai & Kogan (2005) bring to attention the teacher attitudes and concerns of the time consumed with children with special needs, the detriment of students upon others, lack of support and deficiencies in their own training and preparation skills. It could be argued though that if teachers had a more positive view of inclusion they may gain more confidence in their ability to support students in inclusive settings and to adapt classroom materials and procedures to accommodate their needs (Campbell, Gilmore & Cuskelly, 2003).

Furthermore, if the education system is willing to treat people as equals then this could resonate with wider society. Giving people who might otherwise not have had access to an education the opportunity to learn also has implications on what opportunities they have once out of the education system. This could mean a greater likelihood of being employed in fulfilling roles and thus an increased chance of a balanced and fulfilled life.

As for the children who grow up within the inclusive environment age they would take their more accepting views out into society with them, thus increasing the likelihood that a more equal attitude towards difference is

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