Essay on Inclusion of Students

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The data presented in this study show that students with disabilities are making academic achievements in the inclusion classroom. This study also suggests that the negative social interactions between the general education students and special education students are minimal, and does not have a significant effect on the academic achievements of the target population. Findings in the literature review by Salend and Garrick (1999) concluded students with disabilities gain academic achievements in the inclusion classroom. These findings are in contradiction with the proposed research question. However, other findings in this study are in corroboration with prior research on academic achievement and the negative social interactions in the …show more content…
As a reminder previous studies have shown mixed results on this topic. It is fair to say that this study was slightly more positive on the topic at hand. In the open-ended responses, teachers reported their students with disabilities are being included in group discussions and their opinions are respected. Only half of the participants agreed that student with moderate to severe behavior characteristics are accepted by the general education population. These results are in collaboration with prior studies. Students with moderate to severe behavior issues are not understood or easily accepted. These groups of students tend to group together, which maintain those behaviors instead of diminishing them. It is recommended that further research be conducted to determine if this target population is being placed appropriately in the general population. It is also recommended that research be conducted to determine if these students are being taught effective social skill. The findings showed that 60% of the participants perceived their classrooms as not being negatively affected by students with disabilities in the Likert- type question. A higher percentage of 91% was found in the open-ended response when compared. It is noteworthy to point out that not all of the survey participants responded to the open-ended response. If the high rating of positive response were

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