Inclusion Effective or Ineffective Essay

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Inclusion Effective or Ineffective

Since the 1980's more and more school have began to practice the technique of inclusion in their classrooms. Inclusion is a term which expresses commitment to educate each child to the maximum extent appropriate, in the classroom he or she would otherwise attend.( Education Resources. "Special Education"

Inclusion. " Nov 15, 1998).Most schools began this process by main streaming. Main streaming is usually refers to the selective placement of special education students in one or more "regular" education classes.(Education Resources...)For example a student with a learning disabilities would have some classes in the "regular"classroom and other
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Those people think that the disabled students will be disruptive and eventually cause more problems for the other students because they would be such a distraction.

When I first began this paper I had taken the position that the special education students should be segregated from the other students at all times. I believed that they took attention away from the other students which put the "regular" kids at a huge disadvantage. . However when I began to do research on this topic I realized that there is so much more information to consider. The counter argument against inclusion is understandable. It makes sense that a special education student would require extra attention and would therefore take attention away from other kids. Some would also believe that the teacher may have to take things slower for the disabled kids which in turn would slow down the faster kids. These are good arguments but when you look at the bigger picture from what all students gain from inclusion you see that it is actually a wonderful process for everybody.

What it does for special education children to be put in a "regular" classroom is amazing. In the 50 studies comparing the academic performance of students of inclusion compared to those students that were segregated , the mean academic performance of the integrated group was in the

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