In God I Only Trust Essay

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I can find myself thinking about the novel, Persepolis. Marjane would talk to God as a young girl. She would confess to him her desires and dreams. God was comfort to Marjane like the blanket that covered and protected her at night. In the same way, the novel is similar to my relationship with Jesus. Jesus has been my blanket, covering and my protection throughout my life. The poem, “The Way It Is”, made me consider about the use of threads. They are more than a length of yarn or a string. Soon, I had the idea that the blanket that covers and protects me is made up of thousand of threads. What are these threads? Granted, Christianity made up some of the ‘threads’. Yet, my experiences in life with God have added and strengthen my …show more content…
Why must people always believe that money has to be the sole reason of an individual to accomplish? I never saw the mother to let this be her only purpose. She’s a human being just like anyone else and I can visualize how she struggled to make a careful decision. While others are persecuting her as if she were a bad mother, I saw the bigger image in contrast. It is so easy to attempt to hold someone else accountable while simultaneously be hypocrites to what we do in our lifestyle. However, if God allows for one of us to go through the same route, would we respond differently from the mother or will we share our tragic story as well? As a result, God will judge and hold us accountable for what we do. In other words, trying to rationalize our opinions is irrelevant.
To be honest, I believe that I was in training during First Year Seminar. I would then put it into action outside of the class. Once, I had the passion to do a drawing during the first creative study. That shined a light on myself and to others about what individuals can go through. Since that day forward, I was able to support a friend from a Self Defense class on-campus who was not well. Hence, she was baptized a few weeks later due to the action I was willing to take. The ethic codes that I made for myself stemming from God’s Words are to help others. How many of us are willing to drop everything that we do to support another? For myself, I can

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