Essay on In Favor of Prohibiting Smoking in All Public Indoor Areas

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In recent years, there have been widely differing and competing views on the issue of whether smoking in all public indoor areas should be banned or not. The argument in favor of such a ban stands at the perspective of public health. However, perhaps the strongest counter argument is that of individual freedom and liberty. Nevertheless, I remain firmly convinced that the government adopting such a prohibitionist approach is entirely justified.

Some people might claim that there appears no immediate, hazardous effect of smoking on those often with smokers closely. Over years, a number of surveys have been in quest of the causality between smoking and various fatal diseases. As it happened, passive smokers are found to develop heart
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In the catering sector, many businessmen, especially the owners of nightlife entertainment venues such as bars, lounge and discos, have particular concerns about the profits which will have a steep fall with fewer customers. They are very reluctant to see the ban put into practice. However, there exists a blind spot in the argument. The reach of the ban is so universal that it makes no discrimination between catering places to smokers who keep dining outside. Possibly, the overall business from smokers falls, but it may be associated with a rise in the number of non-smokers who now opt to dine out. In turn, this gives rise to another important issue: is it that the human rights of non-smokers are yet to be well-protected enough?

Some may hold another argument on how far smokers’ freedom to smoke can be deep-rooted to. Smokers, in majority, claim that it’s their fair deals between rendering their lives and satisfying their compulsive needs. They plead their action, smoking in public areas, harmless as what they are doing is only demonstrating their own rights instead of invading the others’. But the problem lies on where to express the smokers’ right. The prohibited area is not so exclusive that only smokers are involved. Therefore, smokers are simultaneously doing harm to the non-smokers as well. Non-smokers also hold their own right to enjoy fresh air, don’t they? For me, it is totally ridiculous to isolate the non-smokers’

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