Improvements to the Selection Process Essay

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The Uniform Guidelines state a statistical test can determine whether the use of selection procedures lead to adverse impact. To conduct a test, the number of minority applicants selected is divided by the number of minority applicants. Then, the number of non-minority applicants selected divided by the number of non-minority applicants. My organization should apply the Four-Fifth Rule by calculates the ratios of each group and evaluating whether the minority group is at least 80% of the most favorably treated group. If the percentage is smaller, then discrimination may be present within the selection process. This procedure follows the guidelines because it analyzes the ratio of applicants according to groups to assess the selection …show more content…
I recommend the organization structure the interview process by creating a scored interview form, establishing HR/ manager approved questions, and requiring hiring managers to submit completed interview forms to HR with the candidate decision. I consider this process as good organizational behavior because it creates an assessment tool for and follows the guidelines as it structures the interview process. I selected this as my third behavior because it requires collaboration effort between HR and hiring managers which will require time and commitment on both sides.
The 1973 case United States v Georgia Power decision indicates validation strategies must comply with EEOC guidelines, include affected groups, reflect selection decision practices, and the testing must occur under standardize conditions. The George Power Company applied test criteria for new employees and required current employees meet a similar standard to transfer within the organization. If my organization modifies is selection criteria for active employees, my organization should test the selection criteria to ensure it is a valid job related test. If the test is valid, it should develop a transition plan which includes relaying expectations, providing training opportunities and incorporating deadlines for compliance. I selected this case first because

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