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This chapter dealt with methods and procedure in conducting the research on the implementation of Hepatitis B vaccination among the students of School of Allied Medicine.

Research Design

This study utilized a descriptive method. As noted by Travers (1979) the descriptive method was cited for the investigator to gather information about the present existing condition. The principle aimed to explain the method which described the nature of a situation, as it exists at the time of the study and to explore the causes of a particular phenomenon. Data analysis was the examination of data in terms of characteristics, patterns, trends and relationship so as to answer the questions or to meet the objective of the
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The School of Allied Medicine offers the following courses Bachelor in Science in Medical Technology, Bachelor in Science in Radiologic Technology, Bachelor in Science in Respiratory Therapy, Bachelor in Science in Pharmacy and Bachelor in Science in Nursing.

Sampling Design

The researchers utilized a total enumeration procedure. These were done by subjecting all first year, shifter and transferee students and were candidates for the vaccination program of the School of Allied Medicine. Total enumeration, refers to the entire group or set of individuals or population or items which is the focus of the investigation (Venancio 1992).

Data Gathering Procedure

To make the study possible, the researchers sought permission from the office of the Director of School of Allied Medicine for the conduct of the study. After the letter was approved, the researchers presented the letter to respective program chairpersons for consideration.

A letter was been given to the program chairperson of the Nursing department and the head of the university clinic for the retrieval of the vaccination record of the respondents. (See appendix A)

The data that was extracted from the said offices were assessed or analyzed who among the respondents received the first, second, third and booster dose respectively.

A survey was made to follow up some discrepancy in the vaccination records of the respondents and

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