Impact of Team Conflicts on Team Performance Essay

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Team conflicts:

Conflict is a basic aspect of teamwork (Levi, 2001), since the number of decisions that a team needs to make often evokes feelings of discomfort and stress. Conflict very often arises from a clash of different working style, ideas, interests, needs, and wants. Team conflicts can be due to high stress level. It has been experienced that in teamwork there can be conflicts and conflicts creates dissatisfaction among the employees. It is important that conflicts be addressed in such a way that it has adverse effect and it is very important to address the conflicts on the spot otherwise it would be difficult to handle the conflicts. (Jehn, 1995).When team member s disagree about the task
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The research seeks to investigate the interrelationship between task complexity and team diversity, and their impact on team performance. Questionnaire was used for data collection data was collected by 270 memeber from 28 teams. team performance was assessed by the manager and task complexity was assessed by team members. The finding shows that diversity is negatively related to task complexity and positively related to performance. (Higgs, 2005) This article is about the set of roles for teachers that demonstrated to their students the relationship between conflict management and organizational justice. The study has shown that student will learn the value of the organizational justice and discover the negative consequences for the manager who is unable to handle both structural and social elements of fair and just treatment of the employees. Students will learn new techniques for handling the conflicts (Tatum & Eberlin, 2006).

Conflict has been suggested to hinder with team performance and reduce satisfaction because it produces tension, rivalry, and distracts team members from performing the task. The study has supported the negative relationship between conflict and team productivity and satisfaction. Task conflict is easy to manage as compared to relationship conflict .In most situations, managers allow employees to work out the problem on their own and take a hands-off approach to the situation and If employees are unable to resolve the

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