Identifying the Gaps Between Out of the Box Aptify Functionality and Requirements Validated for ISFL’s Aptify Implementation

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Aptify conducted Requirements Confirmation meetings with ISFL to validate information exchanged during the sales process, discuss previously unknown requirements, discover gaps and clarify open questions or issues.

This document identifies the gaps between out of the box Aptify functionality and requirements validated for ISFL’s Aptify implementation. This document also contains all requirements identified for this implementation in section 8.

1.1 Assumptions and constraints

The following have been identified as assumptions during the confirmation meetings:
• ISFL purchased Aptify 5.0 which comes bundled with eBusiness and includes the following applications: o Campaign Management o Case Management
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• Associate membership: has all member benefits, but cannot serve on governance committees.
• Company membership: memberships include 3 delegates at company with full membership benefits and privileges. Along with the initial volume discount, additional delegates may be added for $100 each.

The following steps must be executed or configured to ensure the membership applications process flow is successful: • To satisfy a requirement which stipulates that a set up fee of $50 is collected, all products are set up to include an initial fee for the first year, and appropriate membership dues are collected thereafter.
• Configure Persons entity for student members using a checkbox to ensure the following information is captured for students. o University o Major o Graduation date
• Product kits must be created for the different membership types as follows: o Student member: $10 setup fee, Certification and ISFL journal. A checkbox is placed under the Contact tab associated with the person record that indicates whether a person is a student or not. A pricing object or a pricing rule must be added to this pricing record in order to determine whether the person applying for membership is a non-member student.

Figure 1 : Student Membership Product kit

o Individual member: $50 setup fee, $250 membership subscription fee, membership plaque, and ISFL

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