Essay about Ida B Wells: Fighting For Racial and Gender Equality

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Ida B. Wells was born in 1862 in Holly Springs Mississippi to Elizabeth and James Wells. She is famous for her campaign against lynching. Ida set an example for all African – Americans to stand up for their rights in the late 1800’s. Through her tireless work on exposing the horrors of lynching, she almost single-handedly attacked and kicked off the beginning of the civil right movement and without her; there would have been a delayed start to the basic rights for African – Americans (man or woman). Eventually, her work inspired the feeling that every American can and must exercise their Civil Rights and responsibilities to make our country a better or more equal place to live. Ida B. Wells had a rough childhood. Her parents were enslaved …show more content…
She felt she did not have to move. She was then dragged off the car. Once Ida got in contact with the courts she sued the railroad for $500 and won the case. Unfortunately, the higher courts overturned the verdict and Ida had to pay back the entire $500 plus court costs! That was when she encountered what is known as the ‘Lynching at the Curve” and the start of the anti-lynching campaign. Ida had three friends who all lived in Memphis, Thomas Moss, Calvin McDowell, and Henry Stewart, who were lynched in March 1892 while Ida was out of town in Natchez Mississippi. These three business men owned People’s Grocery Company which was a neighbor of a white man’s grocery store. People’s Grocery Company had taken away costumers from the other grocery store because of better quality. A group of white men attacked Thomas, Calvin, and Henry to get rid of the competition, but the three African Americans fought back by shooting one of the angry white men. The three were arrested and taken to jail. Later a lynch mob which consisted of the white man’s grocery store mob broke into the jail taking the three men a couple miles out of town and brutally lynched and beat them to death. The members of the lynch mob were also known as the KKK OR Klu Klux Klan. This event angered Ida immensely. She knew at this point that she must begin her campaign for social equality. Ida was so outraged with all the lynching and injustices

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