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Julianna Vollmer November 13th, 2012 English 4 Block 1 I Search Paper “Falling in love is like being thrown from a horse; if you let yourself go it doesn’t hurt as badly as if you try to save yourself.” This quote, quoted by Edwin Blanchard, gives you a little taste on the meaning of love. Love doesn’t have just one definition like many people believe, it has many definitions. Love is very complex and is needed by every human being. It doesn’t mean one has to be romantically

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Everything you do, you consider that one person. Love is all about caring for others. When you love someone you will do anything to make him or her happy, even if it’s just the little things. You will try to reach out to them every way that you can because you know it will make them feel some type of joy. Why would you want to do that for just one person to feel happy? You do it because you care about them and love them. Care and love are perfect synonyms for each other. You love someone because you care about them and you care about someone because you love them. Those feelings cannot be controlled.
It might sound great to be in love but there are also many negatives to being in love. There are many things in this world that are mistaken for love, and manipulated as the actual thing. One person can love another person more than the other person could love that person. Obstacles can often get in the way of love. They can sometimes kill a relationship and the love you had for one another. It’s all about fate; what’s meant to be, will be. And what’s not meant to be will only lead you one step closer to the fate that was chosen for you. But just remember that everyone will eventually find their one and true love and will live happily ever
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