I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore Essay

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I AM NUMBER FOUR FILM CRITIQUE Imagine a number, what if your number was next? The book, I am Number Four was written by Pittacus Lore and the movie was directed by D.J. Caruso. The main character is named Four but goes by the alias John Smith. Four’s planet (Lorien) and people were destroyed by the Mogadorians all except for nine Guarde and nine Cepan. The Mogadorians are aliens that go from planet to planet and take over until they have completely drained the resources and polluted the planet so that no living thing can survive. They still want to get rid of the nineteen Lorien (the nine Cepan and Nine Guarde and their pilot) now eleven that survived. The nine can only be killed in order, because of an enchantment put on them. The …show more content…
The effects seemed cheap because they were not very detailed and I could get all of the same effects on a smartphone for about $3. It wasn’t really a sci-fi like it should have been; it was more of a teen drama. There were some decent parts though and it had just barely enough science fiction to pass as one. The movie mostly focuses on the romance between Four and Sarah. There are only about five science fiction type scenes in the entirety of the movie.The music, lighting, and camera work were very well done. D.J. Caruso, in the film I am Number Four, uses non-diegetic sound to create mood. He also uses lighting to create mood.

Caruso uses non-diegetic sound in many different ways to create different moods. As when Four is trying to pay Sarah (the girl Four loves) a compliment and flirt with her the music is romantic. Also when Four’s first legacy comes and he is scared the music sounds intimidating and drowns out the diegetic sound. Legacies are the powers that the Guarde develop.The first legacy that Four develops is lights that come out of his hands. When Six (another Guarde) comes and he does not know who she is the music is mysterious. When they are fighting in the battle and running away the music is very fast and dangerous. Caruso uses lighting to create mood. Four and Sam (Four’s friend) are in the basement of the people who found out about the Mogadorians and find Henri chained to the ceiling. The lighting is dark to show that it is bad

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