I Just Called to Say I Love You Essay examples

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Sarai Fuentes
March 10, 2013
Professor Crowder
English 170 The way a person expresses his or her love to another person should not bother other people. In the article “I Just Called to Say I Love you” by Jonathan Franzen he clearly states that he hates hearing other people saying the words I love you to another person. He believes that the privacy of others should be kept to themselves and their personal feelings should not be said out loud in public places. Although this may be true there are also other perspectives of how one can handle situations like of expressing feelings when they occur. Not only is the expression I love you the only way of expressing ones feelings for another but there are many other forms of love that are
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Franzen does not seem to realize the high impact that 9/11 had on all the people around him. He says that partly it was because he did not have a TV. Although this is a valid reason, another part of why he did not realize the high impact was because he himself was not impacted because he does not have a very high compassion for others. As Franzen said after the 9/11 incident it became easier for people to say I love you because people realized that one never knows what tomorrow will bring. For this reason Franzen should understand that saying I love you should never be a problem no matter where one is. Franzen continues in his article talking about his own personal life and about mother and fathers relationship. He reads to us two letters that his parents right to each other and this is a good mechanism because we see through these passages the reasoning behind his opinions. Franzen’s and his father share many of the same characteristics, they are both serious and reserved. His mother on the other hand loved to say the words I love you to Franzen because she had many feelings for her son inside that she wanted to express to him. Franzen tell us that his mother complained that Franzen’s father never said the words I love you to her. Although Franzen sees that through their letter his father did write to her how much he loved her but in person he was not good

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