Essay about I Am Free to Choose My Own Identity, Discuss

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“I am free to choose my own identity! Discuss”

Who am I? How does this differ from how others view me? Identity is something that is so personal to each of us that no two individuals are the same. That is not to say however that we do not share common elements of our identity with others “the notion of identity hinges on an apparently paradoxical combination of sameness and difference. The root of the word identity is the Latin idem (same) from which we also get ‘identical’ “(Lawler, S. 2008:2). This highlights the idea that the basis of identity is that of sameness and difference which was also expressed by Zygmunt Bauman. This idea of sameness and differences
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This is also however also linked to the society in which you live, this is very much a ‘western’ phenomenon it is still very much the case in eastern countries that the women is there to serve her husband and family, her role is within the home and the males role is to provide for the family. It is therefore evident that gender is not an aspect of identity which we can control in many ways but the preconceptions that come attached do very much influence our identity but because of the society in which we live this preconceptions are much more easily challenged and altered than in other societies.
Age is yet another important characteristic in the development of identity, we all pass though the various stages of development and as

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