I’m Going! a Comedy in One Act Essay

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I’m Going! A Comedy in One Act
Keshalla Mabry
ENG 125 : Introduction to Literature
Andrea Moak
February 25, 2013

Literature can be expressive. It can be expressed in many different ways. Some use writing, some use pictures and print, or even dramatic and musical works of art. In this essay I will be using the Reader-Response Approach to analyze a piece of literature. I have chosen the short play I’m Going! A Comedy in One Act, by dramatist Tristan Bernard. I will include why the literary work captured my interest, how it made me feel, and how it has formed or change my connection with literature.
Firstly, let me describe the approach I will be taking towards this piece of literature. The Reader-Response approach I can’t just rely
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My fiancé is the same way. Every other Friday he and his friends go out to the bar. Sometimes the friends bring a date and other times they don’t. Well, one Friday I decided I wanted to go with. He (my fiancé) kept making excuses for me not to go. He would say, “Oh love, the boys and I are just going to have some beers”. Or he would let me know ahead of time they were just going to hang out and watch ESPN. He made sure that I knew there was no room for me in his boys’ night out. So I can definitely feel Jeanne's pain.
A little farther in the conversation Henri tells Jeanne that he is off to the races, as he does she says that she will be alone and neglected. He insists that the weather was too bad for her to attend and that she should stay home. After some debate about changing clothes and some sulking from both parties Jeanne eventually decided that she will allow her husband to leave and amuse himself with the races because she wants to go visit with a friend of hers. Once Henri hears this and at first all he can think about is the fact that he can go to the races alone. Once he sees that Jeanne is content and easy going about him leaving he begins to have second thoughts about going. He sees that Jeanne is not acting mad or sad and he thinks that something must be fishy and he asks to see the telegram that she is sending to her friend. This seems to me as if Henri may have a trust issue with Jeanne.
She shows him the telegram and he insists that this was a

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