Hybrid Car: Honda Insight and Toyota Prius Essay

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Hybrid Car: Honda Insight and Toyota Prius

Gasoline price is rising and we do not know how many times it would rise. We do not want your car cost you $25 or $30 each time you pull it to the gas station. Hybrid car is a solution to solve this problem; it combines two or more sources of power.

A typical of hybrid car combines a gasoline motor and an electric motor. A special feature for a hybrid car is that we do not need long extension cords to charge the battery. The Hybrid car usually recovers braking energy to charge it. There are two types of hybrid structures; they are parallel hybrid and series hybrid. Parallel hybrid has a fuel tank and a set of batteries. The fuel tank supplies gasoline to the engine
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There are many reasons for why people want to use a hybrid car. Basically, a hybrid car can reduce tailpipe emissions and improve mileage. By decreasing the tailpipe emissions means reducing the amount of pollution, but it does not depend on the mileage your car gets. But if your car uses half the gas to go a mile, it means that you reduce your pollution by half than the other cars. Thus, if you want to reduce emissions, you have to decrease the fuel consumption of your car.

These are two comparisons of 2004 hybrid cars mpg: Honda Insight has city mpg for 61 and highway for 68 where Toyota Prius has 60 mpg for city and 51 mpg for highway. You may compare these hybrids’ mpg with your cars’.

Honda released its first hybrid car in year 2000. They claimed it as the first hybrid car to hit the mass market. Honda Insight is a two-seater hatchback that has the most efficient fuel and lowest emission. It offers both manual and automatic transmission. So the people who love to drag race can “floor the gas” even though it is a hybrid with the manual transmission. For the specifications, Insight has SOHC SMPI 12 valve engine and 38 amp hours (Ah) battery which will supply power to the car. One hundred and twenty 144 volt nickel metal hydride battery packs store just enough energy for a few hard acceleration runs. This car has front-wheel drive. For the steering, it has electric power-assist rack and pinion steering with

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