Hurricane Hits England Essay

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Hurricane Hits England

In the first cluster of shots, the director immediately establishes the setting by showing the wallpaper and swaying chandelier in the room. The swaying chandelier is shown for a few seconds, and then the camera immediately focuses on the swinging swings. The director has shown the strength of the hurricane by using inanimate objects, moving without anyone pushing them.

In the background, a narration of the poem by Grace Nichols is heard: "The howling ship of the wind". This is shown by a ship in a glass bottle falling, and smashing. Once again, this represents the strength of the hurricane. Moving on from the close up of the ship in the glass bottle breaking, the
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The "old tongues" are the noises that the hurricane makes of blowing wind, and spreading disaster everywhere it goes. The director shows the "Reaping havoc" caused by the hurricane, by showing bottles and other household objects moving violently and shaking. By looking at this, we can feel the strength of the hurricane "In new places" meaning in England.

The narration continues: "The blinding illumination", this is shown by the face of the speaker being illuminated by the lightening outside, destroying darkness for a few seconds. "Even as you short-

Circuit us

Into further darkness?" This is shown by the speaker turning her head because of the buzz sound she hears, there is now no electrical power because of the short circuit, and the speaker can sense danger. She turns her head, wondering what is happening around her, in her surroundings; bringing the house "Into further darkness". It was already dark, but now, because of no electricity, more darkness came upon her.

"What is the meaning of trees

Falling heavy as whales" As the narration continues, we see a great panning shot, showing trees falling on the road, crushing cars, and damaging roads. The strong hurricane winds are the cause of this. The poet, Grace Nichols, has used a simile "Falling heavy as whales" and the director has shown this extremely

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