Humans Should Not be Blamed for Global Warming Essay

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An increase in the Earth’s average surface air temperature is referred to as global warming. Global warming is part of a natural cycle and is not caused by an increase in Carbon Dioxide emissions from humans. Humans are therefore not responsible for global warming.
Global warming is part of a natural cycle of climate change. The Pleistocene describes the time period that spanned from 1.8 million to approximately 10 000 years ago. During the Pleistocene, significant advances of continental ice sheets in North America and Europe occurred. The Holocene Maximum was a time period that occurred approximately 11 000 years ago and it marked the end of the Ice-age. The temperatures then, were much higher than they are today. The time period
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Thus it is not valid to state that global warming is caused by an increase in Carbon Dioxide as human emissions of Carbon Dioxide were relatively small before the 1940s. Ice-core data show that temperature variations precede rises in Carbon Dioxide present in the atmosphere. An explanation for this is that as the surface of the ocean gets cooler, the ocean absorbs CO2, and as the surface of the ocean gets warmer, it emits CO2. There is a time lag of approximately 800 years between the rise in temperature and CO2. This is due to the sheer size of the oceans. Since the oceans are so big, it takes centuries for the oceans to change in order to match the atmospheric temperature. The aforementioned reasons indicate that humans should not hold accountable for global warming. The most prominent feature in our solar system is the Sun. It contains an estimated 98% of the total solar system mass and is the largest object in our solar system. Incontestably the Sun is a major contributor to the Earth’s climatic conditions. Cosmic rays are controlled by the sun and cosmic rays influence cloud formation. Clouds have a cooling effect. When the sun is more active, fewer clouds can be expected because fewer cosmic rays reach the Earth and therefore warmer temperatures can be expected. Essentially the sun

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