Human’s Attempt to Overrule God: The Debate Over Euthanasia

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Life. Did you have the free will to decide when your life began? If man didn’t have the power to decide when life began, why does man want to exert the right to end it? Life is one of the most valuable things that humans possess. Humans are the most complex of all creatures. Plenty of time is spent debating over beginning and ending of life issues such as, euthanasia. Euthanasia is a defined as, a “gentle and easy death”, derived from the Greek language (Keown 10). A “gentle and easy death” indicates that death would not come naturally, but by treatment or medication. For death to come by treatment or medication was not God’s intention for the termination of human lives. To illustrate, the Bible says, “Or do you not know that your body is …show more content…
The Meaning of Euthanasia Euthanasia is a word meaning “gentle and easy death”, which comes from the Greek language (Keown 10). When it comes to the ending of a patient’s life, many believe that doctors should be able to give a yes or no answer to patients on whether or not the person will suffer a painful death (Keown 10). Doctors want patients to relax in the mindset that when the time comes, suffering won’t be involved. This brings up the question of what a doctor’s true role is when it comes to euthanasia, and whether it was in the job description when the job opened. Few people have the twisted outlook that euthanizing a patient should be completely the doctor’s decision and have absolutely nothing to do with the family (Keown 10). The doctor performs euthanasia if the terminally ill patient requests it, but only because death would be in benefit of the patient (Keown 39). The value of human life is beyond words and the issue should be talked over with close members of the patient’s family before making a decision. It is always going to be difficult to say goodbye to a loved one and even harder when the decision has to be made by a close family member or the patient themselves. Although the situation is tough, putting it completely in the hands of the doctor is difficult to accept it is necessary to consider that the decision is made based off of what the doctor believes is best for the patient and not what is desired by

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