Human Resource Management Essay

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In this modern era, the highly competition between business industries makes them seek for highly performance in order to achieve the competitive advantage. Any organization have effectiveness resource which have certain roles for its performance. As a result, the organizations have to manage these resources and one of the most important resource is the workforces. It is believed that the workforces are the ‘glue’ which remains all other resources together and leads them to present effectiveness results. ( Offstein et al, 2005 cited in Mathis and Jackson, 2008: 5-6) The management of human resource has been recognized as a critical resource of innovation, competitive advantage and productively. In fact, many studies and researches are …show more content…
Boxall and Purcell said that the individual performance of the employee is result of three elements which are ability, motivation and opportunity (AMO). They suggested that people perform well because they have the ability to do the job such as skills or tools. Also, they do the job because they want to do it which this refer to the motivation . Finally, the organization environment presents critical support for their employee and let them to participate more. ( Boxall and Purcell 2003 cited in Armstrong, 2007: 5) Thus, recruitment and selection have certain functions in order to meet the (AMO) and achieve the competitive advantage.
Recruitment is the first stage of the recruitment and selection processes which considers the needs of new employees for vacancy jobs in the firm. (Foot and Hook, 2005: 145) Recruitment pays a lot of attention for the job analysis. The job analysis is information which has been collected about the job and the specification for who fits the job. (Wilson, 1995: 188) It has two functions, one of them is the job descriptions, and the second is the job personnel specification. Both have very important role in terms of job fit and organization/ environment fit.
Job description is precise summary of the job’s tasks, responsibilities and other information about the job. (Mader-Clark, 2008: 3) Similarly, personal job fit is makes the match

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