Human Nature Explored in Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Human Nature Explored in Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Stevenson gives the impression that human nature is a constant battle between good and evil. His upbringing as a Calvinist has had a big impact on how he sees human nature and how it is portrayed in the book
.It is a very complex view of human nature, as Stevenson doesn’t see anybody as particularly evil or good, more which impulses of human nature are overwhelming the body.

Human nature in the book has many contradictory points in the novel.
For instance, Dr.Jekyll is the most contradictory character in the novel, because of Mr.Hyde being in the equation. Dr.Jekyll is the kind and good side of the two. Mr.Hyde is the nasty and evil side of the two. He shows
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Back in Victorian times reputation was possibly one of the most important aspects of a person. For example, when Mr.Utterson caught
Mr.Hyde after trampling over the little girl, Mr.Hyde was willing to pay up to £100, which in today’s money would be thousands of pounds just so that he could avoid publicity. This shows that Stevenson believes that human nature human nature urges us to look our best in front of people. This is the sort of good and evil side, in front of people we all seem pleasant and well mannered, but underneath we all have an evil side of our nature that we will do our best to cover up.

Stevenson shows that human nature is corrupted very easily by money.
When the girl was trodden on and when a crowd gathered most were more interested in the money they could get through blackmail than getting justice for the inhumane act. There were some women in the crowd that wanted to kill Mr.Hyde, they were described as harpies (violent, unpleasant and greedy women) by Mr.Utterson. He also described the same feeling but he had control, the women had no control over their human nature and the mask that everyone puts on for show has disappeared their evil and nasty side is showing.

At the very end of the novel Dr.Jelyll ends up killing himself to rid the world of his

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