Human Language Essay

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The emergence of human language is associated with the Homo sapiens period. This is estimated to be about 200,000 years ago, when this species came into existence. However, the emergence of language was between 30,000 and 100,000 years ago. In explaining the question of where the language emerged, it will be appropriate to focus on the remains of the Homo sapiens who existed between these periods of time. As it will emerge from the discussion, more recent Homo sapiens remains have been unearthed in France, Australia and China. This makes these places to be tentative locations where the human language may have emerged from. The question of how the human language developed will be explained by the evolution and spandrel theories. The former …show more content…
Language developed within these periods in different places where the Homo sapiens were found, particularly in Australia, China and France. Jackendoff (1999, 87) also asserts the fact that the language developed within this period of time amongst the Homo sapiens. However, one of the main weaknesses of the studies conducted by such researchers is that they do not state categorically when the language emerged. They only provide a general period of time within which the language may have emerged. This notwithstanding, it is imperative to note that language began developing in some regions first before others. This is supported by the theory of language evolution, which assumes that language was needed for the purpose of responding to environmental challenges (Pinker, Steven, & Jackendoff, 2005, 102). With the challenges being different from one region to another, it would be possible that some homo sapiens in specific regions began using the language earlier than others. This may therefore explain the time variation within which the language emerged.

Where did human language emerge?

Language is thought to have emerged from the Homo sapiens, who according to Deacon (2010, 56) had more complex life than their predecessors. For this reason, they needed a form of language that was appropriate in adapting to the ever-changing environment. With the origin of man being associated with the eastern African region, a number of

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