Human Consciousness Essay

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Technological developments assume an integral part of human history. In the recent years, studies indicate that the advances in technology have penetrated into the human way of life thus changing the daily life of people. One area of human life that has been affected by technology is the human consciousness (Halal, 2008). The emergence of new technologies has led to greater impact on the human form of consciousness. It is noted that information, communication and technologies have affected the human consciousness in more profound ways. Studies also indicate that the predominant application and use of technology has led to a change in the human consciousness especially concerning the cognition, sense of self, perception and memory of …show more content…
Secondly, studies indicate that information, communication and technological developments have noticeable changes on the human consciousness. Modern technology includes many aspects such as the media and other forms of communication technologies. In the early days of human civilization people would communicate by use of words or gestures. Nowadays, many forms of communication supported by technologies have been invented. Worthy of being mentioned are the electronic media, pieces of writing, publishing or printing and also computer communication. Mobile communication is also another form of present day civilization which has really improved communication and communal networking. All these have had their effect on structure of consciousness of individuals across all societies (Szewczak & Snodgrass, 2002).
Consequently, information, communication and technology (ICT) has led to powerful changes on the important aspects of human lives including consciousness. McKay (2008) contends that in the modern society human consciousness has immensely developed with regard to the use of technological gadgets and equipments that has transformed the mental the level of consciousness resulted to greater sustainable developments in many spheres of the society. Moreover some scholars argue that, information technology should be regarded to be the mirror of human consciousness in the

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